Liquid Solutions

In the Promens Liquid Solutions Segment we are committed to producing bottles, jars, canisters and containers in sizes 20 ml to 30 ltr for

  • Food and beverage
  • Household and chemical packaging
  • Standard and customized packaging products

We offer the following decoration techniques:

  • screen printing
  • in-line sleeving
  • tampo printing
  • in-mould labeling
  • labeling

Raw materials used are PE, PP, and PET plastic resin and our processing is extrusion blow moulding, injection stretch blow moulding, co-extrusion blow moulding, and injection stretch blow moulding.

Promens Kolding has 40 years experience in developing, producing and marketing plastic bottles. Co-extruded sauce bottles for hot-filling, REF-PET and REF-PC bottles for carbonated soft drinks and for milk, in-line tampo printing and labeling of blow moulded bottles, in-line sleeved miniature PET bottles for spirits and wide-mouth PET jars for herring and marmalades are some of our highlights.The Kolding site is one of the dominant producers of plastic bottles for the food and non-food industry in the Nordic area. 

Other Divisions

  • Fresh & Chilled
  • Dairy
  • Food Service

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