Liquid Solutions - Home Care

In the Home Care segment we incorporate our long track record in customer projects in always offering an optimal solution ensuring that end user experience maximum quality in day-to-day use of the product filled in our bottles or canisters.

  • Promens is one of the main suppliers for large fillers of home care products in the Nordic market.
  • Branded bottles with special design and colors are produced in HDPE, PP and PET.
  • Bottles for detergents, dish washing, liquids for washing machines, clothing softener and cleaning • products like sal-ammoniac, green soap, chlorine and likewise are the main products in this segment.
  • Promens offers development and technical resources for design of new products. We make product drawings in 3D format.
  • High speed filling lines at customer’s request, bottles and canisters of high quality regarding material distribution and top load.
  • Promens also supply fillers with canisters in the range of 5 - 25 ltr for the professional household market.
  • Decorations by printing or labeling.

Other Divisions

  • Fresh & Chilled
  • Dairy
  • Food Service

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