HDPE Trays

Our thermoformed HDPE trays are manufactured on an inline process which helps improve the physical properties of our products, offering a cost effective high performance pack for a vast range of chilled food applications

The 'Exvac' process delivers products which offer low warpage, are relatively stiff, have high low temperature resistance and are suitable for pasteurisation and sterilisation in an autoclave


  • Recyclable   
  • Microwavable   
  • Suitable for MAP   
  • High flex crack resistance   
  • Moderate tooling cost

Main Uses

Fish boxes and meat bulk trays, ready meals, catering packs and most chilled food products

Capacity of containers

0.1 litre to 24 litres

Process description

Polymer is extruded from a flat die into a thermoform section whereby the molten plastic is formed and chilled to create our trays

To download our Tray Brochure as a PDF document, click here

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